Tuan Tanah

tuan tanah of the year

I was graduated from extraordinary such a fame school i thought but its actually not. Further my studying at Matrikulasi Perlis when im in 18 years old, i've never think about that before. Having my studies near my homie. But never mind because going home is heaven you should be grateful. Living my life 20 years as Kedahan and speak their accent. I've told ya Kedah accent are so complicated so do i.

getting huge experienced through scout ohh god blessed me 
(so undercover)

Di sebalik kejayaan seorang perempuan there's be someone behind her support through thick and thin. And of course reward goes to family, roomate and friends. Im so please having all of you besides me.

Graduated with sedang sedang CGPA but thanks for rezeki mu Yang Esa. Kalau awak berusaha then success would definitely be yours. Sometimes broken heart can build your strength i really meant it. Full thanks for giving me a second chance for second certification which is degree life yeayy!!

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